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Today’s world is manic. There’s no doubt we’re all on-call most of the day, with precious little time to sleep and that constant pinging from our iPhones and tablets. It’s all too easy to reply to that email or just send that document over….it’s no wonder we’re all exhausted! Most of us go above and beyond the regular eight hour day; five days a week recommended working time with work creeping into our evenings and even our weekends. That is why it is absolutely paramount that we all eat well.

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Fuelling your body with the right type of food makes a huge difference to concentration levels and output. Whatever you do, whether it’s working in a retail shop or you control a global corporate business, if your concentration slips then you could fall foul of big mistakes. You need to keep your concentration levels up throughout the day. Let Brisk in Melbourne help!

Treat your body well and it will respond back, treat it badly and it won’t perform. Remember, the food you eat controls your energy levels and it’s these energy levels that impact your ability to concentrate and focus on the job at hand. It’s important to replenish flagging energy levels with the right food though. Reach for a sugary snack when hunger pangs hit and you’ll get a rush but it won’t last. The next thing you know, you’ll be reaching for another sugary snack because the pick-up is only temporary and then you crash. The sugar adds up, as does the weight. Don’t be tempted by chocolates, sweets or fizzy drinks too often. Remember to eat a good breakfast, lunch and dinner and you won’t go hungry. Fuel up on good food, reduce the carbs and the refined sugar and concentrate on fresh, leafy green veg, oily fish (great for added brain power) and quality protein. Your mind will thank you, your skin will glow and your brain will rocket!

We’re not saying if you want a snack you should deny yourself the pleasures especially as we have so many goodies on our catering menu in Melbourne but just be careful what you choose. Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing but if you’re planning a corporate tea, indulge your clients with something delectable like our macarons or mini-cupcakes and complement them with a stunning platter of our freshly prepared seasonal fruit. This has plenty of “good” natural sugar; it also contains a vast array of vitamins especially C and E, fabulous for healthy skin and cell regeneration. If you do crave an energy burst, you’ll just love our protein balls by Health Lab which are jam-packed with the right ingredients to boost a flagging mood without the naughtiness. With cacao chocolate, peanut butter, almond and coconut to choose from – who needs that giant chocolate bar?

Of course, it’s difficult to make your own lunch for the office every day – who has time? So you might run out when you get five minutes to grab something cheap however freshly prepared food has a whole host of benefits. You just won’t get the same nutrients from that shop-bought pre-packed sandwich and mass produced food is usually full of additives, preservatives, flavourings and even food dyes but yes, they’re convenient. However, get in a Brisk sandwich platter or a salad pack and you know you’re only getting quality. Our food is completely fresh, much of it is home grown and we use organic products where we can too. That means our produce contains a huge amount of natural vitamins, minerals and goodness, all lovingly prepared in our Brisk kitchen. These vitamins are what you and your workforce needs to get through their day. Let’s not forget, freshly prepared food always tastes better and when it’s artfully created by our professional Brisk chef, it doesn’t come close to anything manufactured in a factory.


So, whether it’s food just for you and a few of your work colleagues or whether you want to provide something supremely delicious for your entire team, food for an important working meeting or something to feed the whole building, Brisk in Melbourne’s CBD is the number one corporate caterer. We make sure your taste buds are tantalised and your brain in gear for peak work performance.

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