Covid Safe Catering

The following safety measures are in place to ensure we provide COVID safe environment and catering:

General measures for all staff

  • Staff member to be body-temperature checked every day & staff health to be monitored when arriving on site

  • Staff member to provide daily health declarations

  • Anyone with flu like symptoms is excluded from the workplace until a Covid- 19 test returns a negative result.

  • Only essential staff are permitted to enter the kitchen, no visitors and no salespeople. Limited access to office staff based on urgent needs.

  • Self-quarantine requirements: Staff member to be quarantined for 14 days if returned from overseas during the last 14 days

  • Staff member to regularly wash their hands with warm water and soap

  • Staff member to regularly use hand sanitiser

Standards for all staff accessing kitchen & production areas

  • Staff member to wash hands often and for at least 20 seconds upon arrival/entering

  • Staff member to use face mask and gloves at all times

Other measures across the fulfilment process   

1. Meal Preparation
  • All previous hygienic measures and standards apply without exception

2. Dishing up

  • Depending on customer preferences, meal servings are boxed individually in disposable, environmental-friendly containers or shared plates

  • Each unit (e.g. container, plate) to be labelled as per customer’s requirements if relevant 

3. Boxing

  • Each unit (container, plate) to be loaded into a sanitised transport box for dispatch

  • Orders from different customers to be packed in separate transport boxes to avoid potential contamination (each box does not enter more than one delivery address/day)

4. Dispatch

  • Driver required to sanitise hands at the start of each delivery run before loading the delivery van

  • Gloves and mask to be worn when loading the boxes into the truck

5. Delivery drop-off

  • Hands to be sanitised before and gloves to be worn during each order drop- off

  • Physical contact with customers to be avoided and contactless delivery to be adopted depending on delivery location and customer requests.

  • All delivery boxes to be sanitised at the end of the delivery run.