What your sandwich says about you?

One of our most popular corporate catering requests is for platters of freshly prepared, mouth-watering sandwiches and we are particularly proud of the huge variety of fillings we at Brisk provide. Whether you’re organising a business lunches for meat eaters or you have a number of vegetarians sitting in your office we definitely have something super delicious for every palette!

As we prepare hundreds of sandwiches, ciabatta rolls, baguettes and wraps a day, it got us wondering whether there’s any mileage in what a sandwich choice could say about a person’s personality. 

Mixed Sandwiches

We then decided that we’d do some research on the topic, so next time you bite into your Tasmanian smoked salmon wrap you’ll be giving others a bigger insight into your psyche others than you realise! Now there’s food for thought…

Pulled Pork with Swiss Cheese, Coleslaw and Red Cabbage

You’re the height of fashion and you’re a lively person – with a big personality. You love to try new things, especially delicious flavours. You particularly enjoy socialising so you’ll definitely be the one making connections at your business lunch!

Premium Roast Beef with Horseradish, Cheese and Rocket

You’re a problem solver and you’re excellent at multi-tasking. You do like to have your freedom however, which means you might not be great at commitment! You love sport and challenges so you’ll be the one working late to get that project completed on time and to perfection!

Champagne Ham with Swiss Cheese, Spinach, Sweet Tomato and Mustard

You’re a deep thinker, imaginative, inventive and truly original. There’s no doubt that you’re the person others look to for great ideas and you always come up with truly winning suggestions. You’re an outdoors lover and relish new experiences. This is because life really inspires you.

Pulled Chicken with Pesto, Rocket Salad, Celery and Chives

You’re a lively member of the team, inquisitive, sociable and talkative. You don’t like to work on your own, preferring to bounce ideas with your numerous colleagues. You love sports and you thrive on success, you’re definitely one of life’s go-getters!

Egg Mayonnaise with Salad and Dijon Mustard

You’re a quiet team member who likes to think things through before acting. You like working on your own and you’re a very private person. You’re not big on large social gatherings, preferring intimate situations. You’re also extremely bright and a deep thinker. You are the person others turn to for advice because of your trusting nature.

Tasmanian Smoked Salmon with Herby Cream Cheese on Rocket, Red Onion, Capers and Red Peppers

You’re exotic and self-indulgent who expects the best and won’t take anything less! Perhaps you’re quite materialistic too, but why shouldn’t you love the finer things in life – you work really hard to achieve your goals! Friendly and fun, you’re usually the boss!

We’d love to know if we’ve got it right! What’s your favourite Brisk combination and what’s your number one personality trait?

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