We're a sustainable caterer!

At Brisk Catering we understand the importance of building a sustainable future. Throughout the industrial age we have and are  leaving an ever lasting footprint on our environment that is becoming hard to reverse. 

We are consuming a lot of natural resources and increasing our carbon emissions through the choices we make everyday whether that be through the fossil fuels we use, the companies we invest in or the argriculture we support. 


There is now a social responsibility for individuals and companies to change the way they think and impliment ways to reduce our footprint. This is why we invest in improving our products, the way we package our products and companies we align ourselves with. 

This is why we have been changing. We have been minimising our use for single use plastics. We have developed a range of wooden platters which are re-usable and where we use disposable packaging it is from companies that use recycled or sustainable sources to develop them. Everything we use is recyclable and biodegradble.

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