Corporate Catering Can Benefit Schools in Many Ways

Did you know that corporate catering can benefit schools in many ways? In fact, it can help reduce costs, raise money, and improve the quality of education. Here are just a few of the ways that corporate catering can help schools:

1) It can reduce costs by providing food for events at a lower price than if the school were to purchase and make the food themselves.

2) It can raise money by allowing businesses to sponsor events or donate food.

3) It can improve the quality of education by providing healthy and nutritional meals for students.

In this blog article, we’ll go over some previous catering projects we’ve done for various schools to address an issue they were having.

School Catering for Brentwood Secondary’s School Camp

COVID was affecting hundreds of schools, and several students at Joel’s school had to relocate their summer camp to the school campus rather than the usual camping grounds. Joel required safe individually packed catering with only a few days’ notice, we managed to pull off a three-day catering event for 300 students with an extensive range of catering lunch boxes that catered for all dietaries on a limited budget. We created a custom lunch box within a $15 budget that had everything a student needed to power through their school day straight to dinner.

The team at Brentwood were extremely happy with the food and service, commenting that it was “the best school camp they have ever had!” Not only was the food great, but our team was able to work in a very tight timeframe and under difficult conditions.

Orientation Catering for The University of Melbourne 

Louis from The University of Melbourne required school catering for 90 students on a Sunday. These students were partaking in an orientation at the University, and Louis required a lunch box with all the trimmings to really impress. We came to the rescue with our best-selling lunch box conveniently named The Lunch Box. The Lunch Box includes a Gourmet Sandwich, Mini Salad, Brownie, and Fruit. Louis came to us with an extensive dietary requirements list. Our team catered for all these dietary requirements and labelled each box with the student’s name, so they all felt extra special.

The students were extremely happy. They loved their lunch boxes and had a great day of orientation thanks to Louis, who organised the perfect lunch box for each student. Great work, Louis!

Planning Day Catering for Abbotsford Primary

Marianna from Abbotsford Primary School had a different requirement: she needed to cater to all her work colleagues during their teacher planning day. Marianna reached out to us to require some healthy food options on shared platters that could be enjoyed by all teachers during their lunch break. We put together a variety of our healthy and most popular options for her, including our vegan wrap platter, sushi platter, and fruit catering platters. Marianna and her colleagues were extremely happy with the food. They loved that there was something for everyone and that it was all healthy!

In conclusion, corporate catering can benefit schools in many ways. It can help reduce costs, raise money, and improve the quality of education. So if you are looking for a great way to help your school, consider corporate catering!

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