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A Guide of Sandwich Catering For
Your Next Office Event

Organising food for an office catering event can be difficult, mainly catering for everyone’s tastes. The simple answer to providing catering that everyone will enjoy is to order sandwiches!


Sandwiches are an easy option that provides a wide variety of different sandwich bread and fillings such as chicken, ham, salmon, beef, turkey, grilled vegetables, and so much more. Our sandwiches are cut into easy to eat pieces, so they are perfect for sharing, and they are a no-mess catering option so you can avoid the disposable plates.

Sandwich Catering

So now that you are sold on sandwich catering for your office function, we have made some delightful suggestions of what kind of sandwiches to order.

Order Gourmet Sandwiches For a Hearty Office Lunch

Keep the team fed and happy with a delicious platter for our gourmet sandwiches. What is excellent about the gourmet sandwiches is that we use only the freshest, artisan sourdough bread that is super filling! The men in the office will be satisfied and discuss what a fantastic lunch they have just experienced. Add some deli rolls or wraps, and you have quite a selection for the team.

Mini Bread Rolls Are Great For Client Meetings or VIPs

Our mini bread rolls selection is excellent for creating an ever-lasting first impression for your next client meeting, board meeting or presentation. We have a wide variety of artisan deli rolls in white, multi-grain, or rye filled beautifully with our favourite sandwich fillings.

Mini rolls are a great addition to your next team meeting and can help boost your business or employee relationships. Our mini roll sandwich platters will provide great variety, and your guests will have a no-fuss sandwich option that is easy to eat and leave them satisfied.  

Ribbon Finger Sandwiches for Morning or Afternoon Tea Meetings

Our ribbon-finger sandwiches are a convenient, budget-conscious sandwich option ideal for morning or afternoon tea office meetings. They are crustless, which means less mess when eating and extra tasty due to the perfect filling to bread ratio. Ribbon-finger sandwiches look beautiful and inviting; your guests will believe they are about to have a British high-tea with the Queen!

Baguettes For Your Next Gathering

Baguettes are a great option where no one at your team meeting is watching their carb intake. Our French-style baguettes are baked fresh and filled with traditional sandwich catering fillings. They are also great for more significant events or conferences as our baguettes are cut into three pieces and are great for sharing.  

Point Sandwiches For a Budget

Point sandwiches are great for events with a budget or catering for any group size. Everyone is familiar with the traditional point sandwiches; what is excellent about our sandwiches is that they are not your usual bland sandwich fillings. We have always dared to be different, and creating sandwiches that taste great and are exciting are our specialty.

Our point sandwiches are cut into four triangles, which are great for sharing. They are also great for last-minute orders; we can whip up a point sandwich platter for ten people and deliver it to your office in under 30 minutes.

Wraps For a Lighter Lunch

No matter how great our sandwiches are, you can’t eat them every day. Sometimes it’s great to mix things up a bit with a lighter option that emphasises our delicious, fresh and gourmet sandwich fillings.

Our wraps are light and soft and are a great option if you want to steer away from bread. They are also easier to hold, and luckily for you, we have the most incredible team of wrap makers who perfectly roll, wrap, cut and platter so you can be guaranteed your wrap filling won’t fall out when you pick them up.

Gluten-Free Sandwiches or Wraps for Special Diets

You definitely cannot forget about those with special dietary requirements, such as vegan or gluten-free. We have many options that cater to all dietary requirements, so no one needs to miss out. Our sandwich catering team takes extra care to make all nutritional requirements in a contamination-free environment and individual packs and labels, so they are easy for your special dietary guest to find and enjoy.

Order The Best Sandwich Catering In Melbourne

We love what we do at Brisk Catering, and making sandwiches is our specialty. Whether you have a significant event or a small office meeting, we have a sandwich platter for it!


Get in touch with one of our friendly catering staff; they will help you organise sandwich catering for your office.

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    Your team will love our wide variety of sandwich catering, platters, wraps, baguettes, mini rolls, bagels and sour doughs. Our bakery delivers our bread early in the morning and our sandwich team get to work preparing your order just before delivery. In your order you will receive a variety of fresh gourmet sandwich catering fillings such as our famous chicken and mayo, roast beef, turkey, ham, corned beef and an array of vegetarian options. We also rotate a sandwich filling menu regularly so that your office is never bored.
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    Here are some great sandwich catering options for your clients or staff

    The history of the humble sandwich

    Did you know 26 sandwiches are eaten per second in Australia making it literally the number one choice at lunch time and throughout the day. The reason why we make the best sandwich catering in Melbourne is that we
    are the experts at it!

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    We all have a favourite sandwich, whether that be roast beef, pulled pork, ham, chicken, egg or salmon. We have created the ultimate guide on what the sandwich you are eating says about you.

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      Hi, I'm here to help you organise your event.

      What type of event do you need catering for? (select multiple if required)

      Please provide your function date and time

      How many guests do you require catering for?

      What is your contact information?