Sandwich Platter Catering

Sandwich platters are a popular choice for our clients when they are organizing their catering event. The sandwich is universal; everyone knows them and grew up eating sandwiches.

The great thing about the sandwich platter is that you can have a multitude of fillings, cater for vegetarians or guests with intolerances to gluten. It can be cut and made in different ways, ribbon, point, club or square. They can be made in a variety of sandwich breads or rolls, multigrain, white, sour dough, whole meal, rye, ciabatta, baguette or turkish… Can you image the possibilities?

Sandwich Catering

We also recommend that the sandwich platter is the foundation of your catering order, sandwiches are so easy to eat, healthy, fresh and cater for so many tastes.

Our sandwich fillings include:

1. Crispy bacon, roma tomato, avocado, cos, lettuce, tasty cheese and mayonnaise

2. Champagne ham, tasty cheese, sliced tomato, cracked pepper and French mustard.

3. Roast turkey & cranberry

4. Roast chicken, sliced beetroot, herb mayonnaise and cos lettuce

5. Roasted Lamb seasoned with rosemary, roma tomatoes, Chutney and seeded mustard

6. Italian-Style tuna with semi-dried tomato, spinach, spanish onion, celery and sweet chili mayonnaise

7. Smoked salmon with cream cheese, dill, capers and red onion

8. Sliced Egg, barbecued bacon and chive Mayonnaise

9. Tasty cheese, pesto, grilled Mediterranean Vegetables with rocket.

10. Roast Beef with grain mustard pickle red Lettuce and cracked pepper.

11. Roast Pork with sweet mustard pickle red Lettuce and cracked black pepper

12. Poached chicken, parsley, mayonnaise, Cracked pepper and sliced avocado.

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