10 Most Popular Catering Platters for Breakfast, Lunch or Grazing

For many people, coming to an event is all about the food. Your attendees come there hungry and love leaving full. Therefore there is nothing worse than substandard event food, which leaves everyone talking about the event for all the wrong reasons. That is why is it so important to get your menu right, and when in doubt, leave it to the catering platter experts to make a statement.

We think we have some of the best catering platters in Melbourne, which are great for the office or private events in your home, no matter your budget. Browse below some of our catering platter options that are great for breakfast, lunch or party catering.

Breakfast Catering Platters

Our breakfast catering platters are the perfect start of the day for all. We have several breakfast catering platters that will leave the team well-fed, happy and motivated. We also have a wide variety of breakfast catering platters to suit all tastes and budgets, so let’s cut to the chase and go through them.

Spread catering platterThe Spread

The Spread is a popular catering platter that is entirely savoury.

When you choose the Spread, you will receive a freshly toasted croissant with assorted fillings like champagne ham, cheese and tomato, Egg & Bacon Brioche Rolls with house relish and hollandaise and finally a freshly baked breakfast quiche.

The Staple

The Staple

The Staple is slightly different and provides a sweet and savoury mix. It is a great healthy start of the day with a light Egg, Spinach and Fetta breakfast wrap, freshly baked danishes and a breakfast pot of your choice.


The Unconventional (AV, AG)

The Unconventional

Definitely everyone’s favourite, the Unconventional has our widest variety. We have some delectable Belgium Waffles topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries, a variety of breakfast mini brioche rolls which include egg omelette, bacon, cheese, and relish, and finally to finish off a fruit skewer.

The Unconventional is the best breakfast catering platter in Melbourne, if not the Universe.


Lunch Catering Platters

Our lunch catering platters are a great midday reason to break away from the computer, re-fuel and power through the afternoon. We developed some excellent lunch catering platters which cater for all tastes and belly sizes.

Working Lunch A (Serves 10)The Working Lunch

The Working Lunch Catering platters provide a great mix of bread, savoury and sweet, which is a perfectly rounded lunch offering. We provide you with the choice of freshly made gourmet sandwiches, baguettes, or wraps within these catering platters. The savoury finger food option, our Vietnamese style mini baguettes, famous and house-made sausage rolls, or mini wagyu beef burgers.

Mixed Bread Platter

Mixed Bread Platter

The Mixed Bread Platter is our most popular sandwich catering platter, which our corporates order repeatedly. It is also perfect for your home events and is an excellent complement to a barbeque or high tea. Our mixed bread platter includes a mix of french style baguettes, light and fresh wraps and our traditional point sandwiches.

Wrap and Roll PlatterWrap and Roll Platter

The Wrap and Roll Platter is quite a sight and will surely impress you at your next event. Our deli rolls are a variety of multi-grain, white and wholemeal and are filled with only the best fillings; you almost feel bad eating them; they look so good. Coupled with the lighter wraps, they are the perfect mix for your next lunch catering platter.

Grazing Catering Platters

Our grazing catering platters are great for your larger corporate networking events. They are the perfect catering platter to help get deals done or form long-lasting business partnerships.


Charcuterie and Nibbles Platter

Charcuterie and Nibble Platter

Make a statement with this grazing catering platter. We love creating catering platters that are slightly different, and our Charcuterie and Nibble is that. With our house-made dips, ciabatta, baby carrots, mini cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, radish, prosciutto, sopressa and squid ink cacciatore. What a mix!

Antipasti PlatterAntipasti Platter

Antipasti catering platters are the ultimate sharing platter. Inspired by the Mediterranean with marinated artichoke, gardiniera, black olives, fetta stuffed baby peppers, prosciutto, sopressa and squid ink cacciatore, champagne ham, gherkins, bocconcini & fetta. Served with lavosh, ciabatta and water crackers to make it all easier to eat. Make a statement at your next event with this grazing catering platter.

Healthy Nibbles PlatterHealthy Nibbles Platter

The Healthy Nibbles catering platter is a little bit of an oddity. Super healthy with all the goodness from the garden with such vegetable stars such as baby cucumbers, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, green and red capsicum, red radishes, crispy tortilla chips, crackers and a duo of dips. The Healthy Nibbles catering platter is perfect for all vegans or anyone looking for something fresh.  

Fruit Platterfruit catering platter

For your next corporate event in Melbourne, whether it’s a breakfast or lunch gathering, Fruit Catering Platters are the perfect choice. With an exquisite selection of fresh and seasonal fruits, it offers a healthy, refreshing, and customizable option that will delight your guests. Easy to serve and enjoy, this platter enhances productivity and appeals to different palates, ensuring a successful and memorable event.

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