The perfect mini burger for your next event

Let’s face it everyone loves burgers and more recently we have seen the resurgence of burger culture in Melbourne suburbs which is moving into the Melbourne CBD and enticing the corporate lunch crowd.

We have been selling burgers in our café and trying to perfect the art for the past few months, our recipe has translated across to our mini wagyu burgers which are our best selling finger food catering item. Through this article we are going to deconstruct what makes a great burger and provide the recipe to ours.

The idea of putting meat, some produce between a bun is nothing new but the quality of ingredients used can affect the outcome.

Mini Burgers


The Bun

We prefer to use a Milk Bun, Pan De Mie or Brioche, these buns are usually on the sweet side and great to counter balance our fillings. We also add butter to the bun and grill on the flat grill for taste and to add crispiness to the cut sides.

The Patty

The patty is the most important part of the burger. Don’t matter where you go and how quality the other ingredients are if the patty is not made right it will affect the whole burger. We are seeing this a lot as more and more burger places are popping up are customers are telling the difference.

We use a wagyu beef, which we ground our wagyu fresh daily in our mincer that has been in the family for the past 30 years. We love the taste of wagyu and the meat is high in unsaturated fats, which means it is better for us.  We only add salt and pepper to our patties so you can really taste the wagyu.

The key aspect is we make the patties on the day we plan cook them.

Now after that introduction we can start the recipe that is so popular corporate catering item

The Mini Wagyu Burger Recipe


sea salt

pinch of pepper

50 gram minced wagyu beef

half a slice of cheddar

brioche slider bun



1 tomato slice

half iceberg lettuce leaf


The method

  1. Mix the salt and pepper through the ground beef. Weigh out 50g portions and flatten them to just under 1cm.
  2. Heat the flat grill or frying pan and cook the first side of the patty for 3 to 4 minutes. Turn over when ready and place the cheese on the cooked side and leave for another 4 minutes.
  3. Add ketchup to the burger bottom, the cheese topped patty, slice of tomato, lettuce, and the bun top with mayo.
  4. Viola! Enjoy the best mini burger around.

If you want this mini wagyu burger at your next corporate catering event please contact the team at Brisk Corporate Catering. We hope you loved this article and we hope it hasn’t made you too hungry!

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