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Meetings at work are often fast-paced hothouses where everyone needs to stay focused, concentrate and contribute so you can’t afford to leave your staff or your visitors hungry. At Brisk Catering in Melbourne, we’d always recommend you get your business meetings catered. This frees you up to concentrate on your day to day business and takes the way the added pressure of working out what to feed a hungry bunch of people! Being the top caterer in Melbourne’s CBD, Brisk knows what the best foods are to maximise productivity for any business meeting. 

Catering for office productivity

We are trained nutritionists and chefs, understanding the importance of the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients so your meetings are always productive and energy levels don’t drop when you attendees to stay on the ball. In this piece we give you invaluable information on the right type of foods to incorporate into your meetings and when you need a high quality caterer in Melbourne’s CBD, you know we’re the right choice.

Get Fruity

First things first, you need as much fresh fruit (and vegetables) as possible for your big meeting. The Brisk fruit platters and fruit skewers are all completely freshly prepared every day. We only use the juiciest, tastiest, premium seasonal fruit and vegetables in all of our food products so you already know you’re giving your team and your clients high quality. Definitely incorporate healthy fats, avocado for example is great for energy release and where possible, serve nuts and seeds, both are superb energy sources, high in protein and good for getting the brain into gear.

Protein Is King!

Make sure you have protein-rich food for breakfast and lunch. Our sandwich platters contain a variety of protein, including Tasmanian smoked salmon (the best and full of omegas which is known for fuelling up the brain and increasing thinking time!). We also have ham, turkey, roast beef and chicken options not to mention other sources of protein suitable for vegetarians. All of our meat cuts are the finest and where we can, we source locally.

Sweet Treats Are Exactly That!

Now, while we do have lots of sweet treats, for a busy meeting try and avoid refined sugars. Yes they’re great for a quick energy boost but we’d advise leaving them for the very end of a meeting or for a teatime business event. If you do want pastries, muffins, cupcakes and Danish for breakfast (and why wouldn’t you?), ours are all made in our Brisk kitchen the very same day of your meeting and they are absolutely delicious. Add in some of our Protein balls by Health Lab for later on in the morning because they give a really healthy energy boost that will last for hours! Our protein balls come in some incredible different flavours including sweet coconut, delectable chocolate and crunchy almond.

Never Skip Breakfast

Breakfast – the most important meeting of the day and often first thing in the morning is the best time to organise a powerful business meeting. We’d definitely say get some eggs in – they go a long way to boost brain power and they’re protein rich. Try our Mini Egg and Cheese Wraps which come in a variety of flavours such as bacon, egg and cheese or chorizo sausage, egg and cheese, finally there’s also smoked salmon and egg to add into the mix. These are dangerously delicious but highly nutritious too. Or you can’t go wrong with our Breakfast Brioche Sliders featuring four different combinations including scrambled egg and chorizo, pulled pork and dill hollandaise, egg, bacon and relish or egg and spinach…bet you’re tempted already! Of course, we have more egg options too but we think we’ve whetted your breakfast appetite enough! If you don’t want eggs then try our grains, the Chia Seed Bircher muesli is simply to die for, it’s home-made and with freshly chopped seasonal fruit and sweetened Greek yoghurt it’s the healthy brain food option.

Lunchtime Pick-Me-Ups

Moving onto the lunchtime meeting…always offer fresh salad because it’s healthy and people need their vegetables. Choose a variety of our freshly prepared, we have loads of tasty options including Baby Caesar, Quinoa, Vietnamese Chicken, Chickpea, Pumpkin & Kale to name a few, they’re meals in themselves.. Keep proteins nice and healthy, chicken and meat (such as our chicken skewers or beef skewers) are always a great option but make sure vegetarians are properly catered for (we have vegetarian skewers too).

Lunch boxes are useful because they contain a variety of different items and if you want sandwiches, the Brisk gourmet sandwich platters come with a filling for every palate, from carnivores to strict herbivores and everything in between.

If you want to offer finger-food but still really healthy, our meatballs are freshly prepared every day and our sushi incorporates fresh fish and rice which keeps your team fuller for longer and because it’s a great source of Omegas, it boosts brain power. The Vietnamese Lettuce Rolls offer great choice. Choose from either chicken or tofu, they’re highly nutritious, delicious plus really low in calories as they’re wrapped in fresh, crisp, giant pieces of lettuce…mm, we’re getting hungry just thinking about them!

Allow Some R&R Time

If you are breaking for lunch or breakfast in the middle of a meeting – change the atmosphere, add some music to uplift the room, encourage conversation that doesn‘t just revolve around the meeting subject and take the time to re-fuel. Don’t forget to supply copious amounts of water and fresh juice, hydration is really important to combat tiredness and keep the brain in gear.

For more information on what food we can supply your business meetings or events, contact us here at Brisk – we’re here to help!

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