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Whether you’re planning an office celebration in the near future or you want to reward your hard-working staff with something fabulous then there’s every excuse to throw a superb office party! However, sometimes, there’s so much work on it’s difficult to find the right opportunity to plan it properly. You want it to be something special, an event to remember and perhaps you’ve got important clients coming along too, so you need to organise an impressive function but doing it all on your own can be a chore! At Brisk Corporate Catering, we know exactly how to handle the catering for all office parties in Melbourne and we’re going to give you some of our best advice. With years of experience in the catering industry, we know how to get it right without you even breaking a sweat!

Office Part Catering

Get Help!

The first thing to do is get together a responsible group of people to organise your event. You should only need three or four maximum and this is the best way to divide up tasks so no one is shouldering the entire project. Of course, part of the event is making sure your corporate catering is covered and for that you definitely need to hire in the professionals. Unless you have qualified chefs at your place of business, trying to prepare a spread of delicious goodies that taste fantastic and look enticing is no mean feat. You need the catering space, catering facilities and imagination to dream up a menu that is appetizing and appealing to all palates. Let Brisk do it all for you and at a competitive price too.

Know Your Budget

You need to set a budget to cover all of your party requirements, from catering to decoration, entertainment to hiring in furniture. Know what your budget is and stick to it. It’s a good idea to let your catering team know what your maximum is, that way a suitable menu can be organised that won’t break the bank.

Sort A Party Checklist

Ask your office party team to devise a planning checklist which will save everyone running round like headless chickens perhaps wondering if there are enough tables and chairs or whether dessert’s been agreed the day before a big event. A checklist will also help you to organise your day to day work tasks along with planning a party, otherwise your to-do list can feel quite overwhelming.

Use Online Tools

Draw up an invitation list and then send out save the date or invitations, depending on how much time you have before the big day. There are plenty of online invitations that you can design in less than ten minutes or if you have a graphic designer, enlist their help to design your own bespoke office party invitation.

Button Down Your Catering

Speak to Brisk catering in Melbourne to discuss the type of event you’re running. We have lots of our own ingenious ideas to help your party go off with a bang and we can create menus to fit in with the theme of your function too. If you want a Caribbean theme, we have tropical fruit platters all freshly prepared on the premises. If you’re looking for Asian style food, we have plenty of options from sushi to satay chicken, Be Ban Mhi to Be Cuon and more. If you want canapes, look no further than the Brisk list; from juicy mini burgers to Arancini, mini hot dogs, frittata, meatballs and more. Finger food is always a popular option and we really do have a huge selection to cater to everyone’s favourite flavours and different palates. Don’t forget to keep vegetarians satisfied, with the Brisk vegetarian selection, there’s something for everyone and we have divine vegetable crudité platters as well as cheese platters to impress even the most discerning guest.

Snap Some Pictures

If you want to make your event even more memorable, why not hire a Melbourne photographer or alternatively if someone in your office is handy with a camera – you might want to enlist their help. It’s always fun to have something to look back on and is a great way to record your office events. You should also think about entertainment, while it’s not always necessary, sometimes good entertainers act as ice breakers, for example, singing waiters or waitresses, magicians or caricaturists and they’re a great idea to get everyone into a party mood!

Plan Your Space

Back onto the subject of food, remember to think about where everything will go if you’re organising a buffet. It’s a good idea to make sure there’s plenty of room for people lining up and keep the area as clear as possible so your diners can hold their plates in comfort without being crowded. Your desserts and beverages should go at the end of a buffet and position the buffet exit toward a seating area. Make sure there is plenty of seating available because people do like to sit down while eating. If you don’t have room for tables and chairs consider bar stools and high tables which are normally smaller and less obtrusive.


Organise Everything In Advance

Book all your catering in advance, remember to organise table linen and party decorations if you want them and get everything buttoned down a couple of weeks before the date. For any help with catering your office party in Melbourne’s CBD, Brisk are at the end of the phone or email. We can organise any party you want and all of our food is freshly prepared on the day, using the finest quality ingredients always presented to perfection.

Office Party Catering

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