How to plan the perfect menu for a corporate event in Melbourne

When you choose a reputable corporate caterer in Melbourne’s CBD, they should be able to help you design the most sumptuous menu to ensure your business event goes off with a bang! That’s what Brisk Catering is all about – making sure your event is absolutely spot on!

It’s very important to pay attention to what you serve, so don’t leave it to chance. It’s best to use a high quality caterer and plan the menu properly. It should always be high up on your priority list if you want a successful event. 

Catering Menu

There’s nothing worse than your guests leaving early because the food wasn’t delicious or abundant. Additionally, you must cater to guests who have specific dietary requirements. Bear in mind vegetarians, gluten-free and nut allergy sufferers, label up certain food or avoid them altogether.

Who Are You Catering For?

First things first, you should know exactly who you’re catering for. Business guests attend plenty of events throughout the year, if you were to ask them which of those stands out, they will probably have to really think about it. That’s because sub-standard events all seem to blend into one. So make sure yours is the one that really stands out. Think about other events that you’ve been to and avoid replicating those where the food and drink has been poor.

You need to consider the type of guests you’re catering to as well. Sorry to say it but the higher up the food chain, the more your guests will expect from an event!

If you are catering to a young and funky audience then you can definitely try a more exotic menu but also err on the side of caution and be sure to have plenty of healthy options. This age profile is more body conscious but they like trendy food too. Older guests like traditional options and are more likely to stick to what they know. If you are unsure, have a blend of the two available so you satisfy all age groups.

It’s also a good idea to think about the ethnic background of those you are catering for. You should think about religious preferences too, make sure there’s nothing offensive! To be safe, have options so there’s no one left without food.

If you know you are catering to a certain ethnicity – don’t be shy! Why not serve some of their favourite foods? They will really appreciate it and this could even make your business stand out from other dull and uninspiring corporate events. Brisk can cater to all international palettes, including Asian, Italian, Middle Eastern, French and Italian. The Arancini and Crostini are simply irresistible and our Be Cuon and Bao Buns are amazing Asian bites. For Middle Eastern spiciness, our chicken, chickpea, kale and coriander with Dukkah dressing must always be on the menu!

How Many Dishes Do You Need?

Event planners will normally suggest you provide several starter choices and a few mains. As a guide, perhaps offer two to three main-courses (include fish and a vegetarian dish). Serve plenty of different salad dressings to go with sides and offer minimum three desserts; one indulgent option, a healthier option and fresh fruit.

Check Dietary Requirements

When you send out invitations be sure to have an area where attendees can write or email back dietary requirements so you let your caterer know what they can and can’t make. As well as allergies, be sure to ask about religious requirements, food intolerance and dietary restrictions.

Think About The Season

The time of year you hold your event will always affect your menu choice. Take into consideration different fruit, vegetable and even meat will be available at different times of the year. Of course, if you want lamb served at Christmas, bear in mind the price will go up because lamb is in season in the Spring. Freshly home grown produce is always appreciated – even more so if it is labelled as such and it shows how much your company supports local businesses too.


Always take note of food presentation. Food should look fresh, colourful and appetizing. Don’t leave it to chance, speak to your caterer about table linen and indeed, if you’re planning a reception, buffet or full-on evening meal you need to decorate your tables with displays of flowers or modern table centres. Chairs make all the difference too and your cutlery and glassware should always look upmarket, be spotlessly clean and reflect the type of business you run.

What Time Of Day Is Your Event?

Finally – don’t forget to choose a menu that fits in with your timing. Don’t choose anything elaborate if you only have 30 minutes to feed your guests! Brisk can cater lunch boxes (great for lunchtime meetings or those that only schedule a small amount of time), full meals (excellent for events incorporating over an hour to eat), buffets for one hour dining events or cocktail receptions which are usually 45 minutes to an hour before dinner. We can also cater working breakfasts and lunch so your corporate guests don’t need to leave the boardroom.

For help with all your corporate catering – don’t be shy, Brisk is just at the end of the phone…

Catering Menu

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