Food To Make You Think Outside The Lunch Box

When meetings seem long and never-ending your employees deserve a treat. At Brisk Catering, we know that if you put something boring or unpalatable in front of clients or staff at lunch time, you’re bound to get some disgruntled looking. After all, people who’ve no doubt been thinking about their tummies since 11.30am, look forward to a decent corporate spread. The problem with serving something lacklustre is that clients and employees then aren’t able to focus on the rest of the meeting because their subconscious is telling them that they’re simply not satisfied! Now, when that tummy is talking to that head, the head can’t 100% concentrate on anything else!

Think Lunch Boxes

Fresh, Convenient and Delicious Food

So if you are catering for your staff or for valued clients in Melbourne’s CBD, you need to give them a great tasting experience! You need to provide fresh food, delicious food but also convenient food because when time is of the essence, there’s no room for three course hot meals. Of course, you also need energizing food because serve a whole load of heavy carbs and your meeting may well turn into a snoozing session with people falling asleep post-luncheon.

If You Value Your People, Serve Quality

Food is really important so don’t think you can get away with serving bog-standard sandwiches and a packet of crisps. It just won’t cut the mustard…(keeping with the food theme here!). You need to serve good food if you value your people. People enjoy food and what you choose for your clients or staff will go a long way to better performance, mood and energy levels. There have been a number of studies to prove that food affects performance. Scientists at Brigham Young University in the USA proved that employees with unhealthy diets were 66% more likely to show less productivity than their healthy counterparts.

A Harvard paper tells us what we already know that pasta, bread, cereal and fizzy drinks release glucose really quickly which gives a temporary energy burst and then that sleepy feeling straight afterwards.   Similarly, high fat meals give sustained energy but because the digestive system has to work hard to breakdown these types of food (think fatty cheeses, cream cakes and hamburgers) the result is the same sleepy feeling.

The next time you need to organise a business catered lunch for a meeting in Melbourne take time to really think it through. Don’t just order the first few sandwiches you see on the menu, pick out foods that will help improve your guests energy and attention levels but also take care of their health.

Rather than bread, choose the Brisk sandwich wraps (gluten free option available) which are lighter and won’t cause that energy slump you don’t want at 2.30pm. Choose fillings that are rich in protein (ham, pulled pork, roast beef) and fresh vegetables (avocado, carrot, eggplant, zucchini) rather than high starch. The other huge benefit to wraps is that they don’t need cutlery. Win- Win!

The obvious healthy choice has to be salad so select fresh vegetables and maybe mix it up with some different ingredients such as quinoa, chickpea, baby cos lettuce or pumpkin. Salads still provide carbohydrates but they won’t cause an energy slump because there is a good balance of veg rather than processed carbs.

Rather than loading up on crisps, sweets and cakes, choose good extras such as crudités with a Brisk homemade dip platter (dips include capsicum, hummus, avocado), protein balls (for a chocolatey kick without the chocolate) and fresh chopped fruit served in Brisk Fruit Cups. You can’t go wrong with raw veg and raw fruit, both are full of vitamins and packed with goodness.

So next time you’re hosting a business meeting with lunch in-between, choose the right food and choose Brisk Catering.

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