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At times organising an event, even food for a lunch meeting can be stressful. Everyone has different requirements, tastes, or dietaries that you have to consider, and choosing food options to make everyone happy can be another mission. Lucky for you though that you’re reading this blog post and I’m going to provide you with 4 simple steps that will make ordering for your next corporate catering event a breeze.

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1. Be Organised

Make sure you have all the event details such as the number of guests, time and date, and any dietary requirements. It’s always best to email all attendees to gather any specific dietary needs and log this in a document or spreadsheet so you can reference it for any future events. Provide a deadline for attendees to get this information back to you so that hopefully you are not having to constantly chase this up.

2. Shortlist Products

Go online and create a shortlist of potential catering products for the event. As a leading Melbourne corporate caterer, we only promote catering products online that are top sellers so if you browse our menu you will see products that organisers like yourself order time and time again.

By now you should have the following information which will help you and us build a menu for your event.

  • Date and time of the event
  • Number of attendees
  • Dietary requirements
  • Shortlist of products

3. Contact us or order online

If you’re confident in online ordering you’re free to navigate our menu and add your items for your meeting to the cart. It’s a very simple process and about 50% of our customers prefer this method. Our customer service team is also available Monday to Friday to help you if you need assistance processing your order online.

The other 50% prefer to email.

We love receiving your emails and helping you cater for your event. Once we have the information you gathered in steps 1 and 2 we’ll begin to build your order at our end (whilst you can focus on other things). Once we have completed your order, we’ll send you a confirmation for you to approve.

4. Approve your order, sit back and relax

Once you approve your order it will be confirmed for delivery on the day and time you have specified. Our system will send you a reminder the day before, so you don’t forget about it either.

Our production team will make your order fresh, beautifully platter and label any dietaries accordingly. Finally, our delivery team will pack your order into our refrigerated fleet and deliver it to your office.

Finally, you’ll receive your invoice 10 minutes after your order has been delivered which you can settle at your earliest convenience.

5. Get Praised!

You will receive a lot of praise for organising such a successful event. You likely will be promoted to in-house catering manager for your company and hopefully receive a bonus. 

Luckily, you can forward all future catering orders to our team and we can do all the heavy lifting!

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