Catering trends you need to know about

At Brisk, we’re always looking out for the next food trend because we know you guys out there are a sophisticated bunch of Aussie foodies! It’s not enough for corporate caterers in Melbourne to keep serving the same food and offering the same menu. While to begin with, a menu might be exciting and different, it soon becomes boring and loses its appeal. Much like a favourite restaurant, if the menu never moves on, the clientele soon will! So we like to change it up, research new suppliers and conjure up mouth-watering recipes in the Brisk kitchen. So, next time you’re catering a corporate event in Melbourne’s CBD, let us WOW you with our latest menu items.

Catering Trend you need to know about

Bearing the above in mind, we thought we’d give you some Brisk inside info on what catering trends are starting to appear, especially as the weather turns colder, you need to think about storing up and keeping warm. We’ve got some hot stuff on our menu guaranteed to leave your guests suitably impressed.

Keeping It Local

One of the catering trends here in Melbourne is the swing toward locally sourced product. We strongly believe in supporting our own home-grown food suppliers and always try as best we can to order ingredients from premium producers in the area. Our smoked salmon is from Tasmania, our cuts of meat from local farms and all of our fruit and vegetables come from growers in the region. Not only does this show respect for our own local goodies, it also means that we only provide the freshest tasting meat, fish, fruit and veg at superb prices. Additionally it gives us competitive edge because we genuinely care about our environment and sustainability.   Of course, sometimes food just isn’t in season, so we do look to import it where we can and we guarantee top quality every time.

Here’s what’s big currently and in food fashion!

  • Tacos

Try our Soft Bao Buns (soft tacos) they’re very big at the moment and you’ll find foodies all over the world tempting you with tacos on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Enjoy our spicy buns because we’ve made ours with a twist, influenced by the Chinese, made in a steamer. They’re a little like an Asian sandwich and made fantastic finger-food with an array of fresh fillings that your guests will adore.

  • Grains and Seeds

Grains are big news now and even more so going forward. They’re exceptionally healthy and good for the heart. Our Chia Seed pudding and Chia Seed Bircher muesli are both immensely popular items on the menu – big in demand and it’s not surprising because they’re pretty much the most delicious breakfast items you’ll ever taste!

  • Street Food

There’s no doubt that Street Food is huge at the moment. It’s easy to eat, fun and really flavoursome. It’s also a great way of sampling food from other countries all at the same time. We thoroughly recommend our Be Cuon (Rice Paper Rolls), Be Banh Mi (Baby Vietnamese Baguettes) and our crunchy Vietnamese Lettuce Rolls, a little taste of Asian paradise inspired by the best street food chefs we met on our travels.

  • Retro Faves

Yes, old favourites are coming back with a vengeance! Foods from the 1970’s and 1980’s are big news for catered events but they’ve had a make-over and taste better than ever before. We’re talking Mini Quiches, Mini Pizzettas, Mini Hot Dogs and Mini Sausage Rolls – always a big hit at any catered event, but especially fun for right now. All we need next are cheese cubes on sticks – watch out, they could be making their way back too!

So there you have it. Next time you cater a corporate event, think outside the box and offer something that really says we’re right on the ball with new food. Doing so, will get your guests truly engaged in a different way. Don’t stick with what you know – try something different. For more information on what we’ve got to offer you, including your FREE sample platter (for new clients only) contact us.

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Catering Trends

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