Catering for vegetarians

Vegetarianism is definitely on the increase here in Australia. According to Roy Morgan Research we know that 11.2% of the Aussie population is now vegetarian, that equates to 2.1 million people. So what do you do when you need to cater a business event or business part in CBD to vegetarians? Well, firstly, you call Brisk because we are well-versed in catering to vegetarians. We’ve got a huge amount of different delicious dishes to whet even the most hardened vegetarian’s appetite and if there are a few carnivores thrown into the mix, we can promise they’ll fall in love with our veggie offering too.

Vegetarian Catering

Keep The Faith!

There are lots of benefits to catering your business event with vegetarian food too. Firstly, it’s non-offensive so you won’t insult anyone’s religious preferences. Secondly, it’s infinitely healthy, full of goodness such as all the right nutrients, minerals and vitamins to satisfy and nourish. Third on the list are the ethical reasons behind serving vegetarian food. Remember, a vegetarian business event caters to vegans, halal eaters, kosher and gluten-free guests so there’s a lot to be said for it.

Animal Welfare 

While most people do love a good, juicy piece of well-cut meat, more and more people are concerned about animal welfare so you won’t raise any questions at your event. Some of you out there might well think that having an all-vegetarian menu at your catered office lunch might be limited; actually, the reality is there is a huge amount of choice out there. Our Brisk chef knows how to make vegetables taste unbelievable and there’s plenty of versatility too, each vegetable has its own unique flavour. It takes a professional to work out what vegetable blends harmoniously with another vegetable to really make taste-buds pop!


We also try as far as possible to use organic produce as not only is it nutritious, organic fruit and veg means that it retains all its nutrients – there are no trans fats, no high salt or low vitamin content. Just pure, natural fruit and veg in all its glory.

Say it with…Salad

Even meat eaters love a good salad! Brisk can cater salads for any event and provide individual fresh, crunchy and nutritious salad boxes using ingredients including quinoa, beetroot, chickpea, kale and many more filling ingredients. Salads are excellent for multiple vegetarian meals, whether its finger food or hot or cold meals as an accompaniment or simply on their own. Top them off at dessert with our fresh fruit skewers or try our protein balls to give an energy kick later on and your guests will be more than delighted! Of course, there are plenty of delightful vegetarian-friendly sweet treats too, from chocolate chip cookies to mini cakes, mini tarts, macarons, mini muffins and chocolate dipped strawberries to name a few.

Really Cool Hot Options

Serving an all-vegetarian menu doesn’t mean just serving salads either, Brisk has plenty of hot options to tantalise the taste-buds. Choose from Arancini or vegetable skewers to name a couple for finger bites to dip platters and fresh fruit platters. We can also organise completely vegetarian sandwich platters and give you a variety of wraps, baguettes, wholemeal bread and finger sandwiches. Even our sushi can be made entirely for vegetarians, just speak to us and we’ll organise an appetizing platter of sushi for everyone to enjoy.

So, think about your next corporate catered event carefully because the dietary requirement of your guests needs to be carefully considered. If in doubt, either serve 50% vegetarian and 50% non-vegetarian menus. This means your meat eaters out there will still thoroughly enjoy Brisk’s chef’s selections; they get the best of both worlds while vegetarians are definitely well-catered to. We promise to keep your guests satisfied and healthy too, no matter what their dietary preference.

Vegetarian Catering

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