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Are you considering investing in corporate catering for your business, but not certain if it is worth the cost?  We are going to outline the many advantages of utilizing a corporate catering company, in comparison to handling the catering yourself, or avoiding catering all together.

There are many businesses in Melbourne both big and small employing catering companies to handle their events, meetings, conferences, parties and product launches. Catering has become so popular that it now represents $6 billion of our economy.


These companies understand the importance of a caterer within their business. Just think of the work involved in organizing a function for your office or team. You need to work within a budget and require food that appeals to guests and individual dietary requirements. We have heard many stories of clients who have tried to take the matter into their own hands, and ultimately failed.

The quality and presentation of food is a huge factor as to whether your event is a success or failure. It is the job of your caterer to meet your requirements end to end, so that you can focus your time and energy on your core business whilst your guests are truly amazed by the quality of the food, and the amount of effort that was put in to the catering.

We want those individuals who are considering organizing catering for their own business, to reflect on the following advantages of hiring a caterer, before trying to go it alone:

Cost Effectiveness

There are a vast amount of Caterers in Melbourne that can assist you in meeting your catering budget. Catering companies are volume driven and have trained, experienced staff producing catering orders for many Melbourne businesses on a daily basis. Due to this high volume production we have a buying power, which means the cost of product is generally cheaper for us, which is then passed on to you, the consumer.


Unless you are the next Masterchef, we suggest leaving corporate catering to the professionals.  The larger providers in Melbourne have years opon years of experience in dealing with different types of events. As a client you would only need to describe the event, the number of people and the caterer will be able to design a menu that works within your budget.

As a corporate caterer our expertise is exhibited in the quality and presentation of our food. This professionalism ensures the success of your catering event.  


Another advantage that corporate catering can offer is the opportunity to make a good impression to your boss, clients and colleagues. Have you ever been to an event that was catered for, where the food tasted like it came from a takeaway shop or a fast food chain? Maybe you remember a time where the food was not presented or looked unhygienic? What lasting impression did that give you about the company who hosted the event?

First impressions are everything; it can make or break a business’ professional relationships. This is why partnering with a great corporate caterer is important and will help your companies reputation.


Have you ever tried to organize an event at home with family? Even something small and intimate can be stressful, so lets expand that to hundreds of guests in a corporate environment. The time you’ve invested in to organizing such a large scale event would be massive, time which could be better utilized.

An experienced caterer takes all of these stresses away through the years of experience, staff and facilities. Your caterer will develop a menu for your event and the chef will oversee the product.

If you are interested to discussing the possibility for catering your next event please feel free to contact us. We have over 20 years of experience, deliver free to the Melbourne CBD and provide great tasting food. 

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