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Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – right? Well, if you were in any doubt, Brisk Catering will tell you that it really is and there are so many reasons why. You need breakfast to re-fuel and as it’s busy for us at Brisk when we’re catering in Melbourne, we always make sure we fuel-up ready for the morning rush. Actually, breakfast is so called because you are effectively breaking a fast. You’ve probably woken up really hungry with a growling stomach and that’s because you likely haven’t eaten for over 8 hours. Time for to make a pit-stop!

Breakfast Catering


You’re Never Too Busy For Breakfast In Melbourne

The problem is, we all live in a fast-moving busy world when it feels like there’s no time to sit down and enjoy a hearty breakfast. This is why many people skip it altogether. If you’re heading to a catered meeting at the office or you’re responsible for organising a breakfast meeting in CBD then you need to make sure you, your clients and team are getting the right nutrients to prepare for the day. Luckily, with Brisk on-hand you can enjoy blissful breakfast combinations to get those creative juices flowing while conducting a constructive meeting.

A Business Breakfast Boosts Energy

So never skip breakfast! In fact, breakfast like a King and you’ll be sure to pack in a really productive working day. You need to boost your glucose levels and replenish lost calories and that’s why eating a good business breakfast is tantamount to feeling energised. It also stops you and your team from snacking during the morning enables you to concentrate on the jobs at hand. If a growling stomach keeps nudging you, you can’t concentrate especially when you keep eye-balling the clock to see how long it is until lunch.

A Good Breakfast Keeps You Trim

A good breakfast is also the way to keep nice and slim because it reminds your metabolism to get into gear. If you skip breakfast your body conserves energy (which it doesn’t really have) this then slows down your metabolism. Then your body starts to starve itself, holding onto fat and refusing to burn up calories. No one wants extra tyres round their middle so breakfast is a great way to prevent extra pounds piling on. You can always keep it healthy if you want to. At Brisk we serve all types of breakfast items but if you know your team or your clients prefer super-healthy then how about some of these goodies to whet their appetite?

Fresh Fruit Salad Cups with large pieces of Australian grown seasonal fruit prepared on the same day so you know you’re only getting the exceptional quality Brisk are known for. These are jam-packed with vitamins. Or choose the fruit skewers, easy to handle and great if you’re at a stand-up breakfast gathering with a buffet.

Chia Seed Burcher Muesli with fresh fruit, crunchy seeds and oats plus a delicious Greek yoghurt topping. It’s everything you need to keep you through to lunch and it’s so full of the good stuff it will take your team through to post-lunch.

Muesli Bars are great when you are in a hurry and the meeting isn’t meant to last very long. Ours are crammed with goodness including apricots, rice bran, almonds, sunflower seeds and cranberries not to mention plenty of nut varieties. So good, they’re really recommended for any time of day when you need a pick-me-up.

Why Be Naughty When You Can Be Good?

Of course when you need to engage that brain but you like something a little bit naughty there’s no reason to load up with calories. A breakfast buffet looks gorgeous with our Protein Balls – cute little chocolatey bites with added protein to keep you fuller for longer and yes, they’re sugar free, gluten free and entirely natural so you can feel good about popping them rather than guilty! These are available in coconut, almond, peanut butter or chocolate.

One of our most popular breakfast catering items is porridge and ours is the famous Brisk recipe which we’ve been perfecting for years. Made with our own blend of porridge oats and a dash of salted caramel and slices of fresh banana, it’s a dreamy concoction that fills and thrills at the same time!

Oh OK, A Little Naughty Goes A Long Way…

Of course, sometimes you want to really go to town and enjoy your breakfast meeting goodies so Brisk is well armed with some special treats that always go down a storm! We believe some naughty treats make a difference to the working day – when you’ve had a fantastic meal you’ll enjoy your day so much more. It turns an average day into a great day because it boosts mood and keeps optimism up. Here are a few of our favourite picks from our “naughtier” side of our Brisk breakfast catering menu…

Don’t you just love pancakes? Our mini-pancakes are cute, delicious and let’s be honest, they’re small so one won’t hurt! Problem is, you’ll probably want more than one. Tiny stacks with fresh berries, maple syrup and a berry coulis…all freshly prepared and we know you’ll believe us when we tell you they never last very long.

Mini Egg & Cheese Wraps. These babies are ideal for savoury lovers and because we use tortilla wraps they are less calorific than bread. Generously filled we have bacon egg and cheese, chorizo sausage, egg and cheese or luxurious smoked salmon and egg. They deliver plenty of flavour and an energy-boost for even the most flagging spirits.

Breakfast wouldn’t be breakfast without muffins and our mini-muffins are like little puffs of delicious cloud, light, soft and incredibly flavoursome. We make them all in our Brisk kitchen with love and we know how much you all love them too! Our mini muffin platters have something for everyone for chocolate lovers (triple chocolate chip) to fruit lovers (raspberry with white chocolate and a blueberry version).

So – next time you hold a breakfast meeting in CBD you need first class breakfast catering in Melbourne and that’s where Brisk comes in. Brisk by name, Brisk by nature – we deliver outstandingly delicious exciting breakfast platters on time so there’s no risk of any tummy-grumbling!

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