Are you making time
for lunch?

Too often you’re so busy that before you know it, the clock in your office says 2.00pm and you haven’t had a morsel to eat since breakfast. Your tummy is rumbling, your energy levels low, you’re irritable from lack of food and frankly, you don’t know where you’re going to get a sandwich at this time of day! Oh no, you’ve done it again – skipped lunch and the truth is, you aren’t doing your health any favours. Lunch IS important and a good lunch will help you to be more productive during the afternoon as well as keep you full until dinner. That means you can really concentrate on your work and get the results you want.

Lunch Catering Options

Make Lunch A Rule!

So – stop for lunch, make it a rule and take a break. It’s not good for your mind, body or soul to sit at a computer all day without a break. While it’s easy for us at Brisk to tell you that, putting the lunchtime rule into practice is tougher. That’s why many businesses in CBD use us to supply nutritious and delicious lunchtime platters, so meetings don’t overrun, to make sure that people do get to eat properly and to take a well-earned break. The benefits of eating a good lunch are enormous. There’s no need to rush out and join the queues at the supermarket when often, your favourite sandwich goes out of stock. Also, there’s the incredible Brisk choice of ciabatta, gourmet breads, wraps, gluten-free with 16 different fillings (yes – we did say 16!) there’s no way there won’t be something there you’ll love. It’s not just about sandwiches either, at Brisk we make fresh salads, crudités with dips, cheese platters, fresh fruit and so much more…Can we tempt you with 12 hour pulled pork? Perhaps you’re more of a Tasmanian smoked salmon with herby cream cheese person, or maybe you love cold roast beef (perfectly cooked) with horseradish cream and Swiss cheese.

Re-charge For The Afternoon

Back to how to make that time to fuel up for the afternoon! A quality lunch will definitely recharge your batteries and you need to get away from a glaring screen, talk to real people and switch your mind off of work for at least half an hour. Everyone can make time; the interesting thing is that when you make time, you work faster during the afternoon so there’s really no excuse!

So what can you do to get into the lunchtime habit? Try out Brisk’s ideas and see how you do. Making new habits now will transform the way you work – we guarantee it!

  • Organise Your Workload and prioritise what needs to be done urgently at the beginning of the day. We know things crop up but it’s a matter of understanding how to prioritise. Get the jobs you hate completed first because you’ll take the weight of those unpleasant tasks off your shoulders and doing the things you enjoy makes work so much more pleasurable. You’ll also achieve more before lunch rather than having those less enjoyable tasks hanging over you.
  • Try and Allocate Timescales to each job so you plan your day – that way you can factor in a lunchbreak. If you know when lunchtime is, you will more than likely take it. When you have a business lunch in the diary, you always make time for it; just apply the same ethos to your own diary.
  • Use Lunch for Leisure Time, that means calling a friend you’ve been meaning to get old of, getting your dry cleaning done, running some errands but factor in a good, generous and delicious sandwich too, so you get your vitamins and fuel-up!

So now you know what to do, it’s up to you to make it happen! Even better, why not get a few of your work colleagues together and make sure to take lunch as a group. It’s good to get to know each other and be sociable, plus it’s ideal to catch-up on everyone’s lives. Organise one of our Brisk platters if you really can’t get out the office, they’re surprisingly affordable too. Shut down your computers, switch your phone to voice mail and unless it’s a business lunch make it a rule not to discuss work. Then, indulge yourself in the freshest, tastiest, exciting combinations that Brisk Corporate Catering has to offer.

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