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If you’re still slaving away in the office kitchen preparing a range of sandwiches for clients when a meeting over-runs you need to read this!  Or maybe you find yourself taking orders at midday for lunchbox catering in Melbourne when a meeting overruns and you have to send out a junior staff member to gather up all the necessities to feed up your customers?  

Well, the supermarket might not have the right flavours required, it takes up valuable working time for clients to decide what they want and then there’s the long wait while the food arrives, not to mention the upheaval of dividing it up and laying it out. If this sounds familiar, we have 10 more reasons why using Brisk for your corporate catering in the Docklands is the right choice for you.

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It Creates a Good Impression

No doubt, you value your clients.  They help you with your revenue stream and you want them to feel confident in what you do.  If you treat them well, they will treat you well.  That means rolling out the red carpet when they arrive and making sure your meeting area looks slick and clean, with your presentations perfect, ready to WOW.  The same applies to keeping them fed and watered.  Rather than sorting out the food yourself, it’s a lot easier and far more convenient to get a professional in.  Brisk knows what’s best to serve depending on the time of day and the type of meeting.  Whether it’s sandwich catering over lunch, hot dog catering, sushi catering in Melbourne or canapes for drinks after work, our selection is sublime and there’s something for everyone.  So don’t risk a lunch for meat-eaters when your biggest client turns out to be a veggie!  Get us to do it all for you.

Good Food Gets the Creative Juices Going

Not only does eating together create a bond, it also boosts energy levels and helps to refresh and refuel in time for the next session.  Breaking for coffee, lunch or tea gives your team and clients the chance to mull over events as well as to socialise.  There’s more to life than spreadsheets – give your team the chance to get to know clients and vice versa, when you like each other, you’ll improve working relationships too.  Not only that, choosing quality, fresh food that’s high in Omega 3’s and lots of nutritious goodies is vital for keeping the brain in gear.  Trust us, at Brisk we know corporate catering and our ingredients reflect that!

You Can Take Note of What Clients Like

If you really want to impress, take note of what your clients enjoy eating.  If you’ve been out for dinner with them or you’ve been to their offices, pick up on what they enjoy and make sure you serve it especially for them.  You could even let them know, so they’re aware you’ve got their best interests at heart.  Let us know at Brisk and we’ll make sure it’s there for your catered lunch, breakfast or coffee break!

You’ll Likely Save Money

Corporate catering doesn’t have to be expensive and it’s a lot cheaper than dashing out to the supermarket and buying a range of sandwiches and salads that just don’t taste as good as freshly prepared goods.  Brisk is competitive in pricing and all of our food comes served beautifully so you don’t need to worry about presentation.  It’s also freshly prepared every morning and is streets ahead on flavour.  We bet you’ll be surprised at the cost and we even offer a free sample platter for new clients…can’t get cheaper than that!

You Get a Good Variety of Food

Let’s be honest, while sandwiches are a popular option, they’re a safe, easy option and when you choose Brisk to do your corporate catering you get a huge amount of other exciting choices.  Why stick with sandwiches when you can have Asian finger food, soup, exotic salads, sushi, Vietnamese Banh Mi, freshly baked Danish pastries, scones with jam and cream, bagels with a number of fillings, deli-wraps…not to mention our sweet treats and yogurt or cereal options for breakfast (to name just a few of the things we offer).

So the next time you think your meeting is going to overrun or you’ve planned an early meeting, don’t risk queueing at the supermarket or push yourself to arrive at the office even earlier than planned to butter toast…call the experts, call Brisk and get it right.

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