5 Ideas for Corporate Breakfast Catering

The old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is often debated by health experts, but research overwhelmingly supports eating a well-balanced breakfast. What you eat at breakfast can affect your entire day. Since a majority of meetings are held early mornings, for fresh start, a good and healthy range of spread can add extra brownie points to impress your clients. Here are the top items that you can incorporate for your corporate breakfast catering that are not just nutritious but easy on the taste buds too!

Breakfast Catering - Mini Croissant

Breakfast Pots

For guests or colleagues who prefer something lighter to kick start the day, our Breakfast Pots are simply divine. This layered breakfast cup comes with different toppings on yogurt to cater to all taste buds along with Gluten free options. From Bircher Muesli Pot containing toasted muesli soaked overnight, yoghurt, dried figs, apricot, cranberries & apple to catering platters with seasonal fruit such as watermelon, honeydew, pineapple, strawberry & grapes (Gluten Free & Vegan).

Brekky rolls

A popular savory option for a smaller group of six and above, is the mini Brekky rolls from the menu. Made fresh for each order, these mouth-watering egg, bacon/spinach and cheese rolls with house made relish are an indulgent and well-rounded start to the day.

Croissants and English muffin

For something fancier, our oven baked breakfast Croissants are an absolute treat for 10 people or more. Whether you go for the classic ham, tomato and cheese or just the amazing assorted range, there is something to please every taste bud. What’s better? Add some Bacon and cheese English muffins for them to go for a full brunch meal along with some refreshing tea and coffee.

Waffles and Pancakes

Nothing beats the classic! Answering the age-old question of waffles or pancakes can be tricky, so why not add both. Our pancakes are freshly made each morning and are not just light and fluffy but is filled with strawberry jam, vanilla bean cream and a slice of strawberry. They are so gorgeous – it’s hard to just have one. For our waffles, we have a toasted mini Belgium waffle, with pipe cream topped with strawberries, or we spread some Nutella and sliced banana to mix it up.

Quiches and Frittatas

Another amazing combo that you can’t get wrong with are our mini quiches and frittatas. They are not just packed with nutrition but are also a great start to the day! Our mini frittatas are wholesome and tasty and they are the perfect breakfast pick-me-up or why not serve them at brunch? All of our ingredients are fresh and this is reflected in the taste. While our Mini Breakfast Quiches, delivered warm, are homemade and are a cute yet delicious with wholesome ingredients.

Breakfast Catering

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